Visit Chicago… Take home a workbench

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If you’ve been wanting a new work bench, but you don’t have the time, energy or back to build one, come see us at the Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event this weekend at Jeff Miller’s place in Chicago.

We’ve put together a Plate 11 Workbench package you won’t find anywhere else.


This bench comes complete with a leg vise from Lake Erie Toolworks that’s tapped directly into the leg. We’re also throwing in a reproduction Roubo Plate 11 iron package hand forged by Peter Ross.

Here are the details:
Dimensions – 84″L x 23″D x 34-1/2″H (can be cut down to 32-1/2″)
Material – 16/4 Silver Maple… includes Curly Maple Deadman
Approximate Weight: 275lbs
Reproduction Plate 11 Holdfast – 1″ Shank by Peter Ross
Reproduction Plate 11 Planing Stop by Peter Ross
Premium Leg Vise with Vintage Finish Garter by Lake Erie Toolworks

Price – Loaded in your vehicle: $4500

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