Old Thresher’s – Day 2 – 108 Heat Index

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Day two was another productive day. Many of our old friends stopped by to visit and some to shop. We were pretty productive at the bench today too, if you measure productivity in shavings on the floor.

We started the day cutting and clearing dados in a piece of scrap that would be become a much needed tool rack for the back side of the bench. Yes, there are easier ways to accomplish this but it was perfect practice for the dados we’ll need to cut for the shelf in the Dutch Tool Chest.

After that I attempted to true and flatten the boards for the sides and bottom of the chest. I currently am terrible at this task, but I could see progress from the first board to the third. All the boards were equally twisted, but the thinnest corner of the first board was much thinner than the thinnest spot on the last one. I started out with 7/8″ material and was shooting for 3/4″ and ended up about a 1/16 shy. Oh well, it’ll still hold tools. By the time I trued up one edge of the boards and removed a little tear out on the other edge I ended up with 11″ wide boards. I don’t think being 1/4″ narrow is going to cause me any storage issues.

Next I realized I had no tool or jig with me to layout the 30 degree angle for the top of the chest, but I figured it out (thanks to “By Hand & Eye”… more on that in another post) and made the cuts on the sides. After that I pulled out a Stanley 45 and cut the rabbet on the bottom of the sides to prepare for cutting my tails. So I ended the day with three relatively smooth, flat boards and a nice new tool rack. Tomorrow I can cut some dovetails and “Get to the Chopping!!!”


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