Old Thresher’s – Day 1

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What an incredibly hot day. I have no idea what the heat index was but it had to be well over 100 degrees. The down side of that was a slow day for sales. The upside was that we had plenty of time to get some work done.


Jessie, the apprentice, found a great Millers Falls jack plane in the trading post and we took a little time to get it in useable condition. It’ll take a little more work to really clean up when we get back to the shop but it afforded me the perfect opportunity to give a lesson on sharpening a plane iron.



We also took some time to make a couple straight edges out of a plank of some South American wood a supplier gave me to try out. It looks an awful lot like mahogany but its not. I can’t recall the name, but if I think of it I’ll post it in an update. It’s got heavily interlocked grain but it planed well with a 38 degree blade in my low angle jack plane. I’ve got a few scraps left over that are destined to become handles for try squares and turnings for pens or marking knives.


We drew a small crowd on a few occasions… All in all it was a pretty good day.

See you on day two!

Prototype Bench Pays It’s Freight

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Every year we load up a huge trailer or two full of our furniture and head up to Mt Pleasant, IA for The Old Thresher’s Reunion. This year we found ourselves short-handed and decided on bringing just one 40ft gooseneck. I found myself contemplating how I might fill some of the gaps left in our display by the missing trailer. I decided to bring the prototype bench and a small selection of tools and supplies to build several small projects including straight edges, try squares and most of Chris Schwarz’s Dutch Tool chest.

When you get to a show and start to unload you expect to find a few pieces that need a little touch-up after a 7 hour ride. Typically a light sanding, a little stain and some touch up spray is all you need. During the unload yesterday I discovered some damage that made my heart sink… Until I remembered I had the bench and the tools to make an otherwise impossible fix on the road.


An edge of a table leaf had snagged on a pad and pulled an 1/8″ wide splinter loose. Without the bench this table is at worst unsellable and at best will have to be heavily discounted. Instead, I was able to simply remove the aprons and the hardware, clamp it to the face of the bench and plane the edge till the splinter was gone.


The suede included in the Glide Vise from Benchcrafted gripped incredibly well and protected the finished face of the leaf from the chop. After I finished the leaf I pulled out my shooting board and shaved the ends of the aprons to match the new width of the leaves. When I put the leaf back in the table it fit perfectly.

I couldn’t be happier I brought the bench. I hope the rest of my projects go this well… If I have the down-time to get any work done.

Plate 11 Bench Company Soft Opening at Handworks

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If you saw us at handworks and you’re interested in getting on the pre-order list you can contact me here:


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