Bench Kits

French Bench Kit   –  Ready‐To‐Fit  -  $2250

We feature the most important aspects of the French design to allow you an easy, fast, and economical alternative to buying or building a custom workbench.

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Plate 11 Bench Kit  -  Ready-To-Fit  -  $2950
The historic Plate 11 from A.J. Roubo’s “L’Art du menuisier” is the inspiration for our Signature Plate 11 Bench. It has the same specifications as our French Bench but it features the dovetail and tenon joinery shown in Roubo’s plate.

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Both bench models come Ready-To-Fit. Only a sharp chisel, combination square, and mallet are needed for assembly. You choose the final details of joinery: glue, draw-bore, wedges, or all three. Ready-To-Fit also means you can customize your Plate 11 bench to fit your needs. To make the process easier we recommend fitting and installing your workholding hardware before final assembly.


Material: Kiln Dried 16/4 Silver Maple
- Our Silver Maple is milled in Iowa and kiln dried in Central Missouri. The natural color of the sapwood ranges from nearly white to light brown. The heartwood is typically a darker reddish brown. The sapwood face tends to be the most attractive and is usually chosen as the most visible face in our kits. Areas of curly grain are also common.
Weight: 200lbs
Top Dimensions: 23” Wide x 84” Long x 3-1/2” Thick
- Each bench top is typically composed of three boards with a total nominal width of 23″. The final width of the top may range from 22-7/8″ to 23-1/8″. The individual width of each board will vary, though we do try to lay out each top in a visually appealing way.
- We strive to make each top as thick as the material will allow and most will be slightly thicker than the listed dimension of 3-1/2″.
Leg Dimensions: 5-1/2” Wide x 3-1/2” Thick
- Each leg is cut from a solid board. There are no glue joints in our legs. The mortises for the rails are pre-cut to a depth of 2″.
- We offer two standard Leg Heights: 38” (Adjustable to 34”) or 33” (Adjustable to 29”). The final height of the leg is determined by you during fitting. Just remember to trim the bottom end of the leg!
Leg / Rail Joinery: Bare Faced Tenon
- Our rail tenons measure 1-1/16″ Thick x 2″ Tall x 1-7/8″ Long. They are offset to one edge to allow for two clearance options under the rail.

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