A rising tide floats all boats.

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Maybe it has something to do with being raised in the desert of Southern California, but this is not an expression I heard much growing up. I’ve been using it a lot lately, though, and its all because of a man named Thomas Lie-Nielson. Thomas not only believes this expression, he lives it to the extent I never imagined. You all know he’s a hand tool maker from Maine, and you probably know he holds Hand Tool Events across the US and Canada. What you may not know is that Lie-Nielson uses these events to promote the use of all hand tools, not just his hand tools.

To that end he invites builders, authors, and other small tool makers as special guest demonstrators to appear at his shows. At an event in Atlanta you can compare the feel and performance of one of his incredible Bronze #4 Smoothing Planes to a beautiful Wood Bodied Plane, hand sculpted by Scott Meek. In Portland you can decide if you prefer the balance of a LN Hornbeam Handled Socket Chisel or a Socket and Tang Chisel with a resin Infused Curly Maple Handle from Blue Spruce Toolworks. If you’re like me, you’ll end up wanting all of this stuff and eventually owning some if it.

At WIA this year I had the distinct honor of being invited to show my bench kits at his Hand Tool events. We currently plan to demonstrate at three shows… Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Chicago. I’ll be traveling with a fully fitted Plate 11 Workbench and my personal kit of tools for you try. Whether you’re new to hand tools or a seasoned woodworker this is the perfect opportunity to try some of the best made tools in America from some of the most knowledgable experts around. We’ll all have a great weekend as the hand tool tide continues to come in!

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